Women in California politics

Delanie Eastin

There was a concern that there was only one woman who was contesting for the governor seat in the blues state, California. That woman was none other than Delanie Eastin. She was a chief in the state’s schools. Activists belonging to the Democratic Party claimed that there were three main horses in the race for the topmost seat in California. They actually overlooked and snubbed the three EMILY'S list that was endorsed and immediately threw their support on the three men that were on the list.

One of the candidates who was snubbed, Sarah Jacobs was angry and bitter saying that the election was not going to be decided behind doors by the big boys club instead it would be decided by the voters. The voters who were aggressively marching, shouting and campaigning for a suitable representative who would be bold enough to withstand and defend the values of the citizens in the Trumps administration. Jacobs who is aged 29 said she was not expecting anything to be smooth instead there was going to be challenging. She stated that she was not going to back down but instead she will grab the bull by the horns.

Election years are always covered with several sexual harassment incidences. The most affected are the women that’s why they are trailing at the margins. This phenomenon has heavily affected California where no woman has ever won the gubernatorial seat. Debbie Mesolah who is an advisor to the U.S Sen said that it was a loss of opportunity for the California Democratic Party not to support women in the state and congressional races. Bryan Lesswing a spokesman of the EMILY’S commented on the issue saying that it was disappointing that the Democratic Party had not yet recognized the potential that the women running in the blue state top seats have.

Kathleen Brown who was a former state treasurer gave her opinion on the issue saying women have got very bright future but they had to be extra strong, courageous and bold to go out there and run for a state seat. She further said that the issue was not as easy as most would think, it takes a lot of effort. Christian Pelosi the California Democratic Party chairwoman reported for women that are running for the topmost seat the journey can be very challenging and difficult. This is because women don’t have the necessary financial assistance and connections. She further continued to say that women don’t support their fellow women with finances and men rarely vote women. The gubernatorial seat is a very influential seat and women who vie for it compete with men who have very high profiles. Pelosi finalized saying that women should be united than before because it was going to be a year of feminists.