Wildfire Destroys Home of Johnny Galecki of 'The Big Bang Theory'


Wildfires can be incredibly destructive forces. Many people in the state of California lose their homes every year because of wildfires. The homes of wealthy Hollywood celebrities are certainly not immune to being incinerated if they are in the path of a wildfire. 'Big Bang Theory' actor Johnny Galecki found that out the hard way. His ranch located in San Luis Obispo County was completely destroyed. The fire is almost three miles long. It is in an area that is roughly 200 miles north of Los Angeles. Galecki said that he was devastated when he learned that his home had been destroyed. He was not home at the time.

Galecki has vowed to help the other members of the community to rebuild their homes in the future. The actor was well aware of the risk he was taking when he bought the ranch located in the middle of a forest. However, he said that he loves living in a rural area that allows him to escape the hectic Los Angeles lifestyle that he deals with when he is working. Galecki did not indicate if he intended to rebuild an exact replica of the ranch that he just lost.

Wildfires are always an issue throughout the state of California. However, 2017 has been a particularly bad year for them. There have been 10 very large wildfires that have done millions of dollars in damage and the year is only half over. People who choose to live in forests located in California know that a wildfire is always a possibility. However, these people have a love for nature and they refuse to let the fear of a wildfire get in the way of their lifestyle. It is not yet known how many homes have been destroyed by the wildfires that are still in progress.

Galecki mentioned that he is considering organizing a fundraiser for the people who have lost everything they own in the wildfire. However, this idea is obviously still in the very early stages. He is not sure about which entertainers he would be able to get involved with this type of project. Galecki said that he would comment on his fundraiser idea if it gets to a point where it looks like it is going to happen. However, he said the top priority right now is to help the people who still have homes located in the path of the fire.