Wild Fires Are Ravaging Los Angeles

California Wildfires

California is known for having regular wildfires that are very destructive. One of the worst wildfires in recent memory is currently raging in the Los Angeles area. The fire has been given the name "Thomas" in order to distinguish it from many of the other wildfires that have broken out in the state of CA this year. A freeway has already been closed and people are being told to leave their homes immediately for their own safety. The areas that are being impacted by Thomas are very wealthy. There was even a couple who purchased a house five days ago for $900,000 and watched it get destroyed by the blaze.

A total of 27,000 people have been forced to leave the area. 65,000 acres have already been destroyed at this point. However, that number is expected to grow. One of the factors that is making it so hard to fight these fires is the fact that there have been very high winds in the area. This has caused the fires to spread at a very fast rate. It has also created very unsafe conditions for the firefighters. The 405 is the freeway that was closed. This is one of the busiest and most important travel routes in the region. Its closure will make traffic in other areas much slower that is usually is.

Fire departments throughout CA have sent their personnel to the Los Angeles area in order to help deal with the blaze. However, it is still out of control. A state of emergency has been declared by Governor Jerry Brown. He has said that there will probably be more mandatory evacuations if the fire keeps spreading at its current rate. President Trump tweeted a thank you to all of the first responders who are currently trying to deal with the fire and get it under control.

2017 has been the worst year ever for wildfires in CA. That is a big statement when you consider how many wildfires that CA has had in its history. The lack of rain and very dry conditions make wooded areas in CA ideal places for wildfires to start. They can often spread quickly because of how close the trees are to each other. It is also hard for firefighters to get their equipment into some of the more secluded areas of the forests where the fires are at their highest level of intensity.