What Californians Should Know about Getting the New Federal-Compliant Identity Cards and Driver’s License In 2018

Getting a new license or ID card has become a necessity for every Californian planning on moving around town or even flying across the country. Such a directive comes in the wake of the REAL ID Act which primarily requires California to produce identification cards and federally compliant licenses to residents. According to a strict order from the Department of Homeland Security, all States must meet set standards for their ID cards and licenses to be accepted for domestic flights or for the sole purposes of visiting federal institutions. After all, getting grounded is the last thing on anyone’s mind at the airport.

Passed in 2005 by Congress in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, the act advocates for the enforcement of minimum security standards for identification cards and state-issued driver’s licenses. More importantly, the act helps prevent State agencies from accepting IDs that fall short of the DHS’s standards. To ensure swift production, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has been tasked with offering genuine ID-compliant ID cards and licenses as from January 22, 2018.

As a Californian, you must present the following documents to obtain federal-compliant IDs and licenses:
• Proof of identity: This essentially entails a valid US passport, a copy of US birth certificate, a permanent resident card and an employment authorization document with an accredited I-94 form.

• Availability of social security number: The number would primarily be your social security card, a pay stub with your complete security number and a W-2 form.

• Name change document: As a resident, you would be required to present a name change document if the ID information is different from the applicant’s name on your application. In most cases, the valid name change documents constitute a divorce decree, a marriage certificate and any other court document deemed applicable.

As much as getting the REAL ID-compliant ID or driver’s license is beneficial, residents should also know that such a regulation is still optional, and people can still use a passport card or military ID after October 1, 2020.

With the optional tag thrown in the mix, one might wonder the need of going through the trouble of getting a real ID in the first place? Well, it’s quite simple. Obtaining a passport is quite expensive and carrying it around exposes it to loss through various ways. As such, getting a federal-compliant ID ensures that you do not have to rush to the DMV to obtain a new one.

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