Virginia Man Arrested For Sale of Fake Cancer Treatment

Virginia Man Arrested For Sale of Fake Cancer Treatment

A man from Virginia has been taken into custody by police authorities over sale of fake cancer treatment to people. Peter Bodunrin Adeniji, who is 67 years old, has been allegedly earning money through display of fake professional identity, carrying out medical practice without a license, prescribing medication without license and also money laundering, according to Jonathan Perok, a spokesman for Prince William County Police.

According to police, the accused dejected the use of conventional treatments for cancer and made deceptive statements to cancer patients, forcing them to buy his cancer medications that cost $1,200 per bottle. Meanwhile, the medication offered by the accused was not as per his assertions and are currently under scrutiny by the FBI.

Adeniji has earlier been found guilty to carrying out similar sham operations somewhere else in Virginia, revealed Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney Michael Doucette. The accused is under police custody without any bond and it is still ambiguous if he has a lawyer or not. People who went to Adeniji to contact authorities are being questioned by police.

The accused has been charged with criminal acts subsequent to police officials busted him for cheating on several patients. Adeniji has been selling a mixture of herbal components and he asserted to patients that the mixture is capable of curing cancer. The arrest was made by the authorities on Monday, when the accuser’s office and home was raided by drug force.

Adeniji is not a licensed physician and despite that his website asserts that he is a 20-year experiences doctor in the field of naturopathy and holistic medicine. He also asserts through his website that the cures provided by him are capable of repealing numerous illnesses like multiple sclerosis, inoperable brain tumors and multiple myeloma, along with lung cancer, breast tumors, congestive heart failure and prostate cancer.