Twitter is reportedly developing keyword-blocking anti-harassment tool

Twitter is reportedly developing keyword-blocking anti-harassment tool

According to a Bloomberg report, popular microblogging service Twitter is developing a new anti-harassment tool which will enable users to fight abuse by blocking certain keywords.

The report has revealed that Twitter has apparently been working on the new anti-harassment tool for the last nearly one year. The new tool will essentially be an extension of the existing ‘Mute’ option which allows Twitter users to avoid seeing tweets from specific accounts.

Though the keyword blocking tool being developed by Twitter will basically prevent users from seeing abusive and hateful posts, it is not yet clear when or if Twitter will actually rollout the new tool to the users.

Nonetheless, the Bloomberg report has revealed that the keyword blocking tool will give Twitter users the ability to set filters, so that tweets with racial or gendered slurs do not show up to them. Other than blocking offensive posts, the tool will also allow users to block inoffensive tweets related to events or conversation topics in which they are not interested.

As such, the in-development anti-harassment tool will not only let Twitter users combat abuse on the social network, but will also enable them to block hashtags they are tired of reading about.