There Is A Red Backlash In "Liberal" California


Generally, the rest of the United States looks at California as some sort homogeneously blue, Democratic, liberal state where everyone is on board with its very progressive and far left policies. However, it is not.

There is map from 2016 that shows the political affiliations of Californians by county. It shows that the counties of Western and Southern California were generally blue, while the counties in Northern and Eastern California were generally red. This means that there was a strong Democratic presence along the coast and in the southern portion of the state, while there was a strong Republican presence in the inland and northern parts of the state.

In recent years, California has become ever more liberal and progressive for a variety of reasons. However, the liberalness of California is shunned as being too kooky, far left and detrimental to the infrastructure and social order of the state.

It has come to a point where even many loyal Democrats are being alienated by their beloved party. Democrats who feel alienated by the party believe that it has gone so far with certain policies to the point where it no longer represents them. Both Democrats and Republicans are mutually outraged and feel that things aren't fair.

A number of policies currently make California a more difficult, dangerous and expensive state to live in. For example, a waiter can technically get arrested for giving people plastic straws without them asking. Also, people must pay for grocery bags. Policies like these are in effect because of environmental concerns, but they alienate some people and put people at legal risks.

Californians who are tax-paying, law-abiding citizens help to fund public colleges. Their children have a hard time getting into these colleges, in large part due to the fact that they are competing with illegal aliens and the children of illegal aliens who contribute less to the system. On top of it, these illegal aliens and children of illegal aliens are given first preference in the college system and are allowed to attend at reduced rates, which infuriates many Californians who have to pay the full tuitions.

The liberal policies of California make it a difficult place for business owners because the super liberal policies of the state clash with the policies of the federal government. This is especially a problem when it comes to hiring employees who are illegal immigrants.

The liberal news sources may not want to acknowledge this, but there is a red “ripple” that is underway in California as locales wise up to liberal policies that they see as detrimental to the structure of society. It all began in Los Alamitos, where the council of the city voted to not uphold California's sanctuary law. Orange County also chose to go against California's sanctuary law. Escondido followed by doing the same. San Diego is set to also challenge the sanctuary law in a lawsuit later on, this month. Other localities are seriously considering doing the same thing.