Tesla submits plan to double the size of its Fremont factory

Tesla submits plan to double the size of its Fremont factory

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors has recently submitted a plan to the city of Fremont, California, for a two-fold increase in the size of its Fremont car-manufacturing factory.

According to the plan, Tesla wants to double the amount of space at its Fremont factory, with an additional 4.5 million square feet of buildings. The plan shows the proposed buildings outlined in red color on the image, with the Tesla property underlined in a red dashed line.

The plan put forth by Tesla for increasing the size of its Fremont factory by two times comes against the backdrop of the company’s ambitious goal of increasing its car production to 500,000 by the end of 2018.

Tesla’s plan for doubling the Freemont factory size will be discussed by the Fremont Planning Commission at a meeting scheduled to be held on Thursday. The Commission will decide whether to recommend an approval of Tesla’s plan to the Fremont City Council, which will probably hold a meeting in November to decide whether to the plan should be approved.

About the plan submitted by Tesla, Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison told CNBC in a recent interview: "We are really excited. Tesla has been expanding in Fremont over the last few years, and we think the submission of this plan solidifies their investment in Fremont.”