Teigen live tweets flight bound for nowhere


Chrissy Teigen and her fellow passengers on a flight bound for Tokyo from Los Angeles thought they were on their way to Japan when the plane's wheels left the airport tarmac in California Tuesday night.

But Air Nippon Airways Flight 175 proved to be on a journey for nowhere as the plane, with 226 passengers on board, made a u-turn four hours into its 11-hour journey and returned to Los Angeles due to what an aviation source described as an "administrative mix-up."

Crew members found that an unauthorized passenger had gotten on the aircraft after boarding the wrong flight and decided to return to Los Angeles in accordance with ANA's security protocol.

And, Teigen, a model and television personality, who was traveling with her husband, singer John Legend, live tweeted it all.

In a written statement, ANA said the crew told the pilot about the passenger being on the wrong flight. The pilot in charge opted to return to Los Angeles International Airport. ANA is investigating how the passenger was able to board the wrong flight.

According to the airline, the plane left LAX at 11:36 a.m. Pacific Time and returned at 7:33 p.m.

In a series of tweets, Teigen called the incident a flying first for her and asked "why do we all gotta go back, I do not know."

Teigen said she and the others on the plane had the same question: Why didn't the plane simply continue to Tokyo and then send the passenger back to LAX?

According to Teigen, passengers were questioned after they landed in Los Angeles and the plane was placed in a secure area.

"We can't be near the common folk," she tweeted.

Through it all, Teigen did not lose her sense of humor, tweeting that she was not sure why she wasn't more upset about what happened.

"The pleasure I get out of the story is worth more to me than a direct flight to Tokyo," she tweeted.