Take a Road Trip Along the Pacific Coast Highway in California

The Golden Gate Bridge

There are plenty of places to visit in California. For example, everybody knows about the most popular tourists attractions. The Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, and numerous theme parks are always places people like to visit. However, did you ever stop to consider that you could actually visit an entire highway as part of a trip? It's true! For example, more and people are reporting on the beauty found all along the Pacific Coast Highway.

The Pacific Coast Highway was constructed over 80 years ago. The highway is snuggled nicely along the coast of California, and it winds its way through numerous cities, beaches, and coastal towns. Also known as State Route 1, the highway runs from north to south, making it a perfect route for people looking for a sightseeing excursion through California.

The best part of a journey along the Pacific Coast Highway is the scenery. You'll be able to see stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, and you will also be able to pass rocky cliffs, wooded hills, and gorgeous beaches. However, you can also find plenty of other interesting things to see along the highway. For example, many of the buildings along the highway have impressive and historic architecture. Speaking of which, you can also find a supposedly haunted mansion along the road. There are also hot springs, eclectic museums, and scintillating pools of water beneath massive redwood trees.

Many enthusiasts of State Route 1 recommend starting at the southern end of the highway. This point is located in San Diego. You can then travel north along the highway until you reach Crescent City. This path allows people to enjoy more of the cultural wonders of California on the first leg of the trip, and it allows you to enjoy more of the natural wonders near the end.

So what do you think? Would you like to to see the locally named "Pirate Tower" on Laguna Beach? How would you like to stroll through the Gas Lamp District in downtown San Diego? Perhaps you would be interested in hunting mussels at Crystal Cove State Park. There's the chance you might want to get in touch with your religious side at Wayfarer's Chapel on the coastline of Palos Verdes. There are so many things you can do! Simply grab some friends or family members and start driving down the sunny Pacific Coast Highway. Once you get started, you'll love it!