SUV Crash Could Have Been Intentional

SUV Crash

A family's SUV plunged off of a California cliff on Sunday afternoon. There were eight people in the vehicle when it went over the cliff. Highway patrol officers are investigating have seen evidence that suggests that the vehicle could have been stopped on the road for a short time before it went over the side. This information raises questions about whether this was an accident or if it was a deliberate act to kill the people who were inside.

Greg Baarts works with the patrol division in California and recently spoke with reporters about the accident, indicating that there are details that have made investigators look into the accident being a deliberate act. There is no way to determine at this time who would have caused the accident or if it was someone inside the vehicle itself. When officers found the SUV, the speedometer was at 90 mph, a high rate of speed for the area of the road. Officials are investigating as to whether the speedometer had been tampered with before the accident. Unfortunately, the SUV was crushed when it was located.

There were two mothers in the SUV. Both of them dies at the scene. Of the six children in the vehicle, three were found dead. The other three have not been located, which is odd because of the nature of the crash, but officers suspect that there is a possibility that they are dead as well. The women were a part of a family known as the Hart Tribe. They were married and adopted their six children. The mothers appeared to family and friends as loving parents who did everything for their children. Neighbors tell a different story as they have seen the children begging for food and living in conditions that might not be safe or sanitary. Investigators are looking inside the home to determine if there was an indication that the mothers wanted to commit suicide.