Suspects responsible for a 19-year-old girl arraigned in court.

On Wednesday afternoon, two of the suspects who allegedly stabbed a 19-year-old woman to death in California were arraigned in court to face murder charges. The two murders were identified to the police officers by the lady just before death. The police officers reported that the two suspects Melisa Leonardo, 25 and Daniel Gross, 19 were apprehended in an apartment in Modesto and later transferred to Santa Rita jail where they were kept before being presented before the jury.

The police department said that even after Lizette was viciously stabbed, she managed to crawl for over 100 yards on Livermore road where she was trying to find some assistance. Lucky enough a passing motorist identified her and alerted the police to a 911 phone call. Upon arrival the police found Lizette lying on the road, with blood oozing from all the life-threatening wounds that were inflicted on her. She was motionless at the moment because of the pain that she was going through. The police immediately examined her and started to administer first aid, that’s when they realized that she had several injuries to her neck and throat. Her knees were also terribly bruised because of crawling.

Minutes before she passed on as she was being airlifted to the hospital for more advanced checkups, she managed to identify her killers to the police. The police later captured the killers. On Wednesday afternoon the two suspects were presented before the jury on separate occasions in Alameda County. Lizette’s family were so furious at the suspects and yelled at them endlessly in court. In the court, one woman identified as Lizette’s relative aimed her ire towards Leonardo and told him that he will receive the best of the punishment for what he did.

The investigators said that Lizette knew the suspects very well and that’s why she was so confident and willing to aboard the car with them. It’s believed she was attacked in the vehicle where she was later dumped along the remote road of Livermore for death. Ray Kelly Alameda’s county’s sheriff said that Lizette was so willing to survive as she stayed for a while in the cold weather with all the wounds that were on her body. Loadhoat the motorist who identified Lizette on the roadside said that he was leaving for work together with his friends in the morning when he saw Cuesta lying on the ground and in very bad shape. He continues to say that he even couldn’t realize the color of her hair.

The investigators are confident that both Leonardo and Daniel are responsible for Cuesta’s death and that soon they will determine what transpired. Lizette’s father described her daughter as a fighter, an angel, and a go-getter.