Students Living In Homeless Situations Across California


When you think about the homeless population, you might think about adults who have lost a job or adults who have turned to drugs and alcohol that have consumed their money. There is another group of people who are homeless. They are students. Many students across California live in shelters, rooms and even cars because they have no other option. There are students who are in high school and know what profession they want to have when they get older. There is one thing holding them back. It's hard to study and get good grades when you're hungry and don't know where you're going to sleep at night.

In California alone, there are at least 200,000 students from kindergarten to 12th grade who are homeless. Some families share a home with other families while others live in shelters. There are also students in families who live in cars. Students go to school so that they have stability. Some of them enjoy being in school and learning while others go so that they can get a hot meal. The costs associated with housing in California are rising each year, making it difficult for families who are homeless to get out of the situations they are in and get into stable housing.

The number of students who are homeless has increased by 20 percent since 2014. Parents are supposed to report their housing status to the school district, but some don't because they fear what could happen to their children or are embarrassed because of their living conditions. Funding is supposed to be in place to help homeless students with supplies, transportation, and other necessities so that students complete school and are a success. Some students drop out of school because they don't have the tools to learn or a place to do homework or study so that they can pass. There are children caring for younger siblings. With a little support from the school system, students might have a chance to succeed.