Street Racing: Riverside Police Hit Hard in Riverside, California

Street Racing

Police in Riverside, California have launched a spirited fight against street-racing in the town. The Sunday evening's announcement by the police chief in the city is meant to control the otherwise-rising incidences of street racing. According to the police authorities in the region, street racing not only causes congestion and traffic jams in the city but also puts the lives of the locals at risk. Riverside, located near the luxurious Los Angeles, is prone to street racing as the youths often compete in the priceless yet dangerous events.
Locals have been cited as having come out in strong support of the police in their move to control the illegal events which often take place in the evenings and during weekends. Explaining the risks allied to the events, Ryan Railsback, one of the city police officers cited the burnout incidences as overly risky and which would attract a huge penalty for individuals caught engaging in the same.
Whereas it is driven by the youth's desire to show-off their skills, the youths have been in the limelight for having disregarded the city's traffic regulations. They often perform burnouts in the middle of the road, causing both noise and air pollution as well as causing a traffic nightmare for other road users.
Standing out in opposition of the police's move, the local teenagers who engage in the act have defended themselves against the police by saying that their actions are purely of subtle nature. In defense, for instance, one of them was cited saying that they hardly pose any traffic snarl-up in the city let alone injuring anyone in the process.
Although trying to have fun by engaging in the illegal street racing, they admit that they do raise quite a stir in the city, drawing huge numbers of people who convene along the streets to have a glimpse of the events. Both the racers and the onlookers are however oblivious to the huge risks that they expose themselves to when they spectate and champion these illegal events.
However subtle the events may be, the police are taking no chances when it comes to maintaining law and order in the streets of Riverside. They have already made one arrest so far and issued numerous tickets to errant illegal street racers. Given the stern warning issued by the city police chief, it is expected that street racing would be a thing of the past