Stephen Colbert Excited to Host His First Emmy Awards

Stephen Colbert joined Emmy telecast producers and staff in rolling out the red carpet on Tuesday at L.A. Live. Colbert took part in the ceremonial rolling out of the red carpet and admitted that despite the honor of hosting the show, installing the carpet was more fulfilling.

Colbert looked jovial as he mingled with other Emmy staff in preparing for the Sunday event. Speaking to journalists, he said that he was happy that the preparation activity was being done in front of cameras so that everybody knows the amount of manual labor that goes into preparing for the awards show.

Colbert joked that if the journalists present liked watching him physically rolling out the red carpet, they should stick around to see him re-grout the bathrooms later. Colbert has won several Emmy awards for his work on ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘The Colbert Report.’ He has also been nominated for this year’s Emmys for ‘The Late Show.’

Colbert further commented on some of the red carpet’s features noting that it was a Stainmaster rug that could be used both indoor and outdoor. He even sang the company’s advertising song that he referred to as the 2017 red carpet roll out anthem moments before the promotional rollout.

When the promotional rollout was over, the red carpet was rolled back up and hauled away by workers. The real red carpet that will be used by celebrities will be installed later on in front of the Los Angeles Microsoft Theater.

Win for Everybody

Speaking to journalists, Colbert described the Emmy Awards ceremony as incredibly fun for attendees who win. But, for those who lose, it is a huge waste of time. However, he was optimistic that everybody who will attend the 2017 awards ceremony would be a winner. He hinted that this year’s show would have a lot of entertaining activities so that every attendee will have fun. He finished his statement by saying, ‘Spoiler. Spoiler alert.’

Political Event

Responding to a question about how politically charged the event will be, Colbert replied that since the ceremony celebrates television, Donald Trump should have been nominated as he was the biggest start of 2016. He called Trump’s lack of nomination a crime. Colbert was positive that President Donald Trump will tune in to watch Sunday’s show because he still cares about the Emmys. His show ‘The Apprentice’ ha always come second to ‘The Amazing Race.’