Snapchat launches new group messaging feature

Snapchat launches new group messaging feature

On Tuesday, ephemeral messaging service Snapchat released an update to mark the introduction of a brand-new group messaging feature called ‘Groups.’ The new feature is symbolic of Snapchat’s broadening scope.

The updated version of the Snapchat app is now being rolled out to the App Store on iOS and the Google Play store on Android.

The new Groups feature rolled out by Snapshot makes it easier for Snapchat users to chat in a 16-people group or to share Snaps within the group. The chat companions are indicated at the bottom of the interface. A tap on the name of a particular participant starts a private, one-on-one Quick Chat with that member of the Group; with a quick swipe back returning the users to the group chat.

In keeping the transient nature of the Snapchat messaging app, the chat messages and Snaps which are part of Group exchanges will not remain on the site forever; they will disappear after 24 hours, just like regular chats and Snaps.

Meanwhile, other than the introduction of the new Groups feature, the new update released by Snapchat also adds two other important options --- Scissors and Paintbrush. The Scissors option allows users to cut out part of a Snap to use as a picture; while the Paintbrush is capable of turning a snap into art.