Thousands of people gathered to pay their respects to the victims who succumbed to the mudslides. Candles lit, hugs exchanged, and prayers shared to comfort the family and friends of the victims.

Those gathered at the vigil included the family of Pinit Sutthithepa, his body found on Saturday afternoon. Lydia, his daughter who is 2-years old, remains missing, his father-in-law 79 years old, Richard Loring Taylor, and his 6-year-old son were also found dead.
This family is an example of much more that lost their loved ones in the mudslide. Here are some of the stories of the victims.

Two young sisters Morgan Christine Corey 25, and Sawyer Corey 12 were sound asleep when the mudslide occurred covering their home. Sawyer’s body was found earlier in the week while her sister’s body found on Saturday covered in mud and debris.
Their mother and Sawyers twin sister were rushed to the hospital for treatment after suffering some injuries.

Dr. Mark Montgomery and his 22-year-old daughter Caroline returned from vacation two days before the mudslides, on Tuesday morning their two-story house slammed by the mud sweeping away the 54-year-old Doctor and engulfing his daughter.
Dr. Mark Montgomery’s son Duffy who was also in the house tried to save his sister to no avail, and she died in his hands. Duffy suffered a broken shoulder and some other injuries.

Behrman, a longtime family friend, was staying at Montgomery’s home while they were on vacation; his house had burned down during the wildfire that had struck the area recently. He had known Mark for more than 20 years after recruiting him to Santa Barbara and mentoring him during his residency; he was quite devastated for losing a good friend.
Tributes flooded social media after news of Dr. Montgomery’s death, David Iglesias wrote of how he fixed his hand two weeks before his wedding. He cut all tendons in his fingers on a camping accident, Dr. Montgomery was able to reattach them, and he gained feeling in his hands.
The mudslide came crushing into the home of Marilyn Ramos asleep in bed with her 3-year-old daughter carrying them to their deaths.

Antonio Benitez, the husband of Marilyn and his brother Victor, suffered injuries, Jonathan Benitez; a son to victor was also killed in the slide while asleep. Victor’s 2-year-old son survived, but his wife Faviola was missing.

Jennifer Ramos sister of Marilyn said that she would call relatives every day when a call didn’t come on Tuesday she knew something was wrong. Marilyn’s family had spoken to Mexican officials about bringing her body to Mexico.