Senators from California Have a Difference Of opinion As Immigration Legislation Fails

The two senators who hail from California both want to protect the young immigrants who were brought to the United States illegally as children popularly known as dreamers. Both the golden State Senators hail from the Democratic Party which has been pushing for the passing of legislation that will protect the over 1.8 million undocumented immigrants from deportation and create a pathway for them to acquire US citizenship.

However, these two legislators cast a different vote in the Thursday voting that took place at Capitol Hill. The plan to protect the so-called dreamers from being deported was a move that ignited anger to many activists. the noble course of protecting immigrants who did not have a say in the decision that brought them to the United States was not the cause for alarm but what the Republicans were demanding in exchange. The Conservative majority in both the chambers of Congress demanded that the Democrats had to vote for a bill that would see the Department of the Treasury release $25 billion of taxpayer’s money which is expected to the funding of the US-Mexico border wall and border security.

Senator Dianne Feinstein voted for the $25 billion funding bill while Senator Kamal Harris gave it a no vote. Either way, the funding bill would have failed regardless of how the senators from California voted. The bill failed to garner the 60 votes threshold required for any bill to proceed from the Senate to the House of Representatives for approval as it only got 54 votes. Senator Harris told reporters that funding the border wall which President trump promised his voters during the 2016 presidential campaigns was a complete waste of taxpayer money.

Senator Harris added that funding a multi-billion dollar wall on an international border would not keep America safe. Harris also expressed her fears that the Trump administration would use the billions of dollars in taxpayer money to fund their ever defiant and incessant anti-immigration policies. The harsh immigration agenda that is being implemented by President trump and his administration is directly targeting the state of California and its residents. Sen. Harris admitted that she recognizes the fact that her colleagues in the Democratic Party faced a tough challenge of crafting a draft legislation that could meet the demands that had been highlighted by the White House. Harris said that the demands given by the Trump administration are ever-shifting and very unreasonable. 22,000 Daca recipients are DACA recipients.