San Francisco Gets First NFL Win


San Francisco has had a tough time getting a win this season. Despite being close in almost every game, San Francisco was winless going into the game with the Giants. However, the team was able to beat the Giants after playing a solid game on both sides of the ball.

Kyle Shanahan said that winning the first game is like getting a monkey off of his back. Some fans hope that the team is going play loose and win more games. However, the team is still lacking in overall talent and experience. Few fans had high expectations coming into the season. In addition, most fans are excited about the future with Shanahan coaching the team.

Drafting Defense

San Francisco is a team that wants to have a strong defense. With John Lynch as general manager, it is obvious that the team is going to concentrate on building a defense first. In the last draft, San Francisco had a lot of top draft picks. John Lynch did a great job of both drafting talent and accumulating picks for the next draft.

Looking to the 2018 draft, San Francisco is in a great position to draft and develop young talent. Some NFL experts believe that San Francisco had the best draft of any team last year. If the team can have another performance similar to last year, the could start to compete for a playoff spot next season.

New Quarterback

San Francisco also made a major trade with the Patriots for a quarterback. Although few people expect him to contribute this year, it is a great way to build for the future.

In the NFL, a quality quarterback is almost a requirement to go to the playoffs. Fans of San Francisco are now starting to think that the team could reach the playoffs next season. Although that would be a major leap, the team is clearly on the right track in the future.

San Francisco has a great group of fans who want to support their team. After several years of bad football, it looks like the team leaders are starting to draft and develop great talent.