Roberto Ballard Sails from the Los Angeles Port to Explore the Deep-Sea

Roberto Ballard

The pioneer of deep-sea exploration Roberto Ballard recently sailed from the port of Los Angeles to explore more about the deep sea. He was accompanied by his marine research team, engineers, and media producers. The group of explorers will be traveling randomly to unknown parts of America. They used the Exploration Vehicle Nautilus ship that is 211 feet long in carrying the supplies that they need for the long trip. Ballard’s research team is based at the AltaSea research campus of San Pedro, which offers state-of-the-art ocean-based technologies. He has currently built a robot for exploring the ocean to make his work more efficient. The explorer also has a command center in Connecticut.

The broadcasters who traveled with Roberto are usually live on They always encourage the public to ask questions that are answered with aid from an international group of scientists. About half of the United States lies under the sea, and therefore, it is necessary to have explorers like Ballard. The researcher and his group started mapping the deep seas that surround the Channel Islands a while ago. They are still determined to find clues to sea levels and submerged landmarks like boulders as well as historical volcanoes. Ocean Exploration Trust, which is a nonprofit that is owned by Ballard, has been working closely with the federal fishery managers in mapping the sea floor and the providing answers about the geological history of the region.

Ballard and his team will deploy two vehicles that are remotely operated to take videos of the ocean floor samples. His underwater robots will also assist in exploring the deep sea. The team will be contacting top scientists whenever they discover new interesting sites. In 2006, they found a huge natural methane seep. Roberto’s robots use high-speed data lines in communicating with the team. The Exploration Vehicle Nautilus ship has a huge dish and very long fiber-opt cables.

San Pedro has several science projects, and Roberto Ballard’s is one of them. It is based at AltSea’s warehouse and has been making great explorations. The AltaSea campus is located close to an inlet from SpaceX, which is the organization that retrieved a flown rocket booster that had several projects that had been completed at the International Space Station. Another major institution that is located in the region is the Catalina Sea Ranch, which is recognized for being the pioneer in commercial shellfish production. The firm does its firming in about 100 acres of open-ocean federal waters close to the West Coast.