Residents Jolted After Early Morning Earthquake


After an earthquake in the San Jose area in recent weeks, residents in California are on alert for more earthquakes in the state. A 4.5 earthquake rattled the nerves of people who live in San Francisco overnight, further adding to the thoughts and fears that a stronger quake could be on the horizon. The earthquake occurred in the early morning hours as many people were still sleeping. Early reports are that the center of the quake was about two miles from Berkeley.

This kind of earthquake is one that people who have lived in the state expect every now and then because of the frequency. Initial reports indicate that there is little to no damage. Since the depth of the quake is estimated at eight miles below the surface, it was likely a benefit in keeping damage to a minimum. Residents contacted local law enforcement and other emergency officials to report the tremors that were felt around three in the morning. This kind of earthquake usually results in moderate shaking, which can cause be alarming. Most of the time, the intense shaking is felt in areas near the center of the quake. There is a possibility that an earthquake of this magnitude can break windows in homes and rattle dishes off of shelves.

Some people reported that they felt beds shaking while others describe the shaking as someone running through the home. Trains in the area were put on alert and delayed for morning travels so that engineers could check the tracks and the cars. There is a fault that passes through Berkeley, but it's not as active as some of the other faults in the state. With the recent activity on multiple faults in the state, some residents are apprehensive about what could be in the future with a larger quake.