Republican State Assemblyman Travis Allen Seeks to Become Governor of California


Travis Allen entered politics for the first time in 2012. The Republican Assemblyman from Huntington Beach recently announced his intention to challenge Governor Jerry Brown during the 2018 state governorship contest. The Los Angeles KABC affiliate recently broadcast an interview with him.

Opposing Gas Taxes

Mr. Allen, a Certified Financial Planner with a degree in Economics from Cal State Long Beach, has extensively criticized the recently passed hike in state gas taxes. He indicated he objected to the way the Governor prevailed upon the state's legislature to pass the increases at the pump in order to pay for infrastructure improvements without first submitting the issue to voters. He hopes to repeal the gas tax.

He did acknowledge California does require money to improve its highways and address congested traffic issues, observing the state now has "the second worst" roadways in the United States. During the interview, he urged voters instead to re-prioritize the spending of existing general fund revenues obtained through state taxes. In his opinion, more tax money from the state's general fund should support efforts to enhance water infrastructure, roads and education.

Addressing Health Care Issues

The topic of health care also received considerable attention during the interview. Interviewer Elex Michaelson indicated health care presently constitutes one of the biggest state budget expenditures. He asked Travis Allen how he would address health care concerns if elected?

The Assemblyman vehemently rejected calls for a single payer "one-size-fits-all" system. He argued this course of action would cost some $400 billion per year, a figure he believes would bankrupt the state government. He urged Californians to wait and allow the federal government to enact health care reforms first. He surmised ultimately a "market-based" solution would allow health insurance companies to cross state lines in order to offer more competitively-priced health care premiums.

Partisan Issues

During the final portion of the interview, Travis Allen addressed the question of how a Republican candidate might win office in California. The state voted overwhelmingly for Democrats during the 2016 national election. He noted large numbers of voters during recent years have not gone to the polls to vote in elective races.

He indicated he hopes to become Governor of California by mobilizing many previously apathetic voters. He urged Californians to resolve to fix problems in their state. He expressed the hope voters would adopt a more resolute, leadership-oriented approach.