Putting The Homeless To Work In San Jose


The homeless population is blossoming in San Jose, California. One local councilman wants some of the people who are homeless to feel like they are making a difference in the community by hiring them to clean some of the debris littering city streets. The councilman has asked for at least $60,000 in funds to hire a crew to clear away debris that has been illegally dumped. Most of the trash on the sidewalks and streets is in the South Bay area. Homeless people would be hired to work about three days a week. This would give them money that they could use to possibly get a motel room so that they aren't living on the street any longer or to get the essentials needed to find a permanent job.

Monterey Road is one of the most cluttered streets in the San Jose area. It is littered with everything from trash can lids to plastic bags. The hope is that the city council will approve the request for the funds so that homeless people who want to work will be able to have a job while the streets get cleaned as well. Depending on how well the cleaning process goes, there could be more work for the homeless in the future to clean other streets and sidewalks.

Residents in the Monterey Road area have complained about the trash that has piled up on the sidewalks and streets. They want something done about the debris so that they can have a beautiful neighborhood. City crews have been seen trying to clean, but they just don't get all of the debris from the streets. Some council members have acknowledged that more work could be done in the city but that the funding or the manpower isn't there. Long-time residents are saddened by the sight of the trash and hope that hiring the homeless will make a difference.