President Trump To Finally Visit California

President Trump

United States President Donald Trump will finally travel to California early next week after going longer than any president before him had gone without making a journey to the most populated state in the country. According to an analysis done by the USA Today, President Trump has traveled the country less than any man to hold the office since Ronald Reagan.

Political science major Brendan Doherty says that while it appears that Trump appears to be a frequent traveler, most of his travels have been to secondary residences. Doherty points out that the last sitting president to wait so long a time the visit the state of California was Franklin Roosevelt, who waited until 1935 to visit the state after being inaugurated in 1933.

One notable pattern of Trump’s travel behavior is the obvious favoring of battleground states in the Rust Belt. These are places the president can travel to and return within a day.

Both New York and Florida are considered home to Trump and are where he travels most. Pennsylvania is next, and Trump will return there this weekend for his fifth visit since becoming president. Texas, West Virginia, and Ohio have all been visited by the president three times.

Trump’s visit to California comes when tensions between himself and the state have reached there highest point. The state has been both public and consistent in their defiance of the crackdown on illegal immigration that was a central theme of the Trump campaign.

The Justice Department went to extreme measures on Tuesday when it filed a lawsuit in a federal court against California in protest of the laws enacted by the state that thwart the efforts of immigration officials.

The president’s upcoming trip to Southern California will be in order to hold talks about the wall the president wishes to build along the border the United States shared with Mexico.

The Trump administration has not disclosed any details of the president’s travel plans but flight restrictions have been issued by the Federal Aviation Committee that is routine to clear the way for Air Force One. The restrictions have been placed in the San Diego area on Tuesday and are in place both Tuesday and Wednesday for the Los Angeles area.