President Donald Trump at Loggerheads with California

President Donald Trump

The construction of a series of walls and fences along the Mexico-U.S border was President Donald Trump’s central campaign promise. Part of the proposed border barrier involves the replacement of an existing 14 miles (22 kilometers) wall in San Diego, California. The Golden State, however, is not enthusiastic about the barrier, suing the Trump administration in September 2017 to stop the proposed project. Xavier Becerra, the state’s attorney general, Tuesday referred to the wall as a‘’medieval” project, unnecessary in the 21st century.
President Trump, in an interesting turn of events, threatened to stop construction of a border wall in California. Adding that he ”decided that sections of the Wall that California wants to be built NOW will not be built until the whole Wall is approved." The president made the remarks on his Twitter page. It remains unclear which sections of the wall Trump believes California wants to be erected as White House failed to respond to questions about the tweet.
President Trump seems to be at loggerheads with California on more than the border barrier issue. He recently expressed his frustration with the state for being unsupportive to federal immigration authorities. Trump, in fact, threatened last week to withdraw the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency from the state. Meanwhile, Thomas Homan, Trump administration’s acting ICE director warned that he would increase the agency’s presence in California, threatening, ‘’California better hold on tight.”
Trump is scheduled to visit California mid-March, in what will be his first Trip to the state as president. The president is expected to inspect and pick the best prototype for the design of a border wall. There are currently eight prototypes in San Diego. President Trump also is expected to visit Los Angeles for a fundraiser in support of his re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee.