Periscope is testing new ‘Sketching’ feature

Periscope is testing new ‘Sketching’ feature

The Next Web has revealed in a recent report that Twitter’s live-streaming video division Periscope is currently testing a new feature called ‘Sketching,’ to give users the ability to draw doodles directly on live streams.

According to The Next Web report, Periscope’s experimental Sketching feature includes a wide array of drawing tools, ranging from a standard line to an eyedropper tool with which users will be able to make changes to the colors of onscreen objects.

Periscope is presently testing the Sketching feature with a small group of users; but, it plans to make the feature available to all its users in the near future.

Sharing details about the advantages of the Sketching feature, Periscope said that the feature will be extremely useful for broadcasters when they want to attract the attention of viewers to a particular area of the screen.

More specifically, the usefulness of the Sketching feature can be gauged from the fact that the broadcaster will be able to use the feature for eyewitness reports in which certain previously-happened incidents are being described.