The Olympics could be headed for Los Angeles

 2024 Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee recently released a report on the cities that will host the 2024 Olympic Games. Paris and Los Angeles are deadlocked in a battle to see the city that will eventually be chosen. The committee determined that both cities can do the job ably even though they had different visions for the games. Both cities have a rich culture. Choosing either one of them would have a lasting positive impact on the Olympic movement. The report comes at a time when officials from both areas are preparing their technical presentations. They will be making the presentations to the committee in Lausanne in a few days. The strength of the two bids has been a relief to the IOC that has faced tumultuous times in the past few years.

Patrick Baumann is the head of the evaluation commission. He said that they had established that Paris and Los Angeles were more than capable of hosting the Paralympic and Olympic games. He noted that both cities would be able to do so according to the standards of the IOC. Baumann added that the Olympic Movement was in an excellent position because of the candidature of the two cities. He explained that there were two projects for each city. This meant that it would be a win-win situation regardless of the choice they make. There is a possibility that they could pick the cities that will host the 2024 and the 2028 games this year based on the outcome of their decision. Thomas Bach is the president of IOC. He plans to award the 2024 and the 2028 games at a go. This policy was not there and was only approved by the committee a few weeks ago. The selection of the host city for the 2024 games will be done on 13th September in Lima, Peru.

There are reports that the IOC favors Paris to host the 2024 games and allow the games to return to Southern California after four years. This is according to consultants and officials who have worked with the International Olympic Committee. It would be the third time that they are held in the country if Los Angeles is awarded to host any of the games. Casey Wasserman is the chairman of Los Angeles 2024. He did not confirm or deny reports about the possibility of hosting the Olympic Games in 2028. His only comment was to wait and see how things would turn out after negotiations had been done.