New Restaurant Option For California Residents

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is a combination general store and restaurant. The business is recognized across the country but is largely known along the east coast. However, that will soon change as California will soon welcome its first Cracker Barrel restaurant. The store has already started the building process, breaking ground on the building so that residents and tourists will have a different kind of restaurant to enjoy.

The company decided that the restaurant will be built in Victorville. Weather permitting, the business is supposed to open in February of 2018. Cracker Barrel is based in Tennessee and offers a casual dining experience to customers who are looking for meals that they might prepare at home. The company was founded in 1969 and is growing at a steady pace to this day. Cracker Barrel offers a general store in most restaurants. Customers can find items that are associated with the business along with candles, stuffed animals, candy and other items that you might find in a traditional general store setting.

When the 10,000-square-foot building is completed, there will be jobs for over 200 people. Decorations will include antiques and other items that are unique to the area as well as items that the store often displays on other restaurants across the country. A design team will begin looking at the decorations for the store over the next few weeks, ordering items that will take time to deliver to the restaurant. The restaurant is on the 15 freeway with roughly a dozen other restaurants for travelers to choose from whether they live in the area or are just visiting. This location was chosen because it's close to a major highway and will be easily visible to people passing through. There are talks about another Cracker Barrel opening in the Renaissance Marketplace after this one is completed.