New Plan For Guaranteed Admissions For Community College Students

Right now in the state of California, a student at one of the state's many community colleges can complete a two-year degree and not be guaranteed admission into one of the schools in the University of California system. The California State University system does have a guaranteed admissions program for community college students. If the University of California president has her way, things will be changing there soon.

Janet Napolitano who heads the University of California system has stated that she wants the University of California to start offering some type of guaranteed admission to community college students in the near future. She has provided a rough outline of what her community college program would look like.

Currently, the University of California system has a program called 21 Transfer Pathways. This program outlines courses that need to be successfully completed in 21 of the most popular university majors. Students who successfully complete this program are considered for but not guaranteed admission.

Ms. Napolitano wants to incorporate the Pathways program, but she wants to guarantee admissions if the student completes the requirements with a satisfactory GPA. She would like to she her recommendations come to fruition by the 2019 academic year.

Before guaranteed admission are implemented, there are several steps that most be completed. The Academic Senate and the Board of Regents would have to approve the change. The various community colleges throughout California would then need to work on a program of transfer with the University of California system.

The California State University system works a little bit differently. This system has a two-year transfer program set up with the community colleges. Students who earn their two-year degree through the community college are admitted to the four-year school with the rank of junior. They are then able to obtain their bachelor's degrees by completing two more years of course work. Almost 40,000 students earned a two-year transfer degree through this program last year.