New Coaster For SeaWorld In San Diego


There's a plan in place to build a new roller coaster at SeaWorld in San Diego. When guests are on the coaster, they will get a unique view of Mission Bay as they fly around curves and enjoy an upside down design. The plans for the new coaster were approved over the first week in August. Designers will begin work on constructing the coaster immediately so that the ride opens as soon as possible.

The new ride will be called the Electric Eel. When you look at the coaster from the side, it has the appearance of an eel coiled up in the water. There are numerous loops and a few twists and turns that aren't seen with other coasters in the park or even in the state. David Koontz is a spokesman for the park and feels that the ride will bring excitement to SeaWorld that guests haven't experienced in the past. The tallest point of the coaster will be 150 feet. Guests will have the only upside down view of Mission Bay while on this coaster.

Once built, the Electric Eel will be the largest coaster at the park. An estimated 1.2 acres of space will be needed for the coaster to sit on as well as the entrance and exit for the ride. There will also be a small station for lockers so that guests can store belongings before getting on the ride. An educational tank will also be added near the coaster so that guests can learn about eels. The coaster can be seen from many areas along Mission Bay. This was a concern for the development committee of the park because they didn't want it to hinder the views of other rides and attractions. After much consideration and the benefits that the ride would offer the park, the Electric Eel was given life.