NBTY herbal supplements to undergo DNA testing

NBTY herbal supplements to undergo DNA testing

US leading vitamin and food supplement provider NBTY has given its consent to undergo advanced genetic screening so as to ensure their herbal products contain the items that the labels claim to have. The announcement was made by New York State’s Attorney General Office on Wednesday.

The decision to undergo such screening came due to last year’s agency investigation which revealed that almost 90% of branded supplements tested failed in the test. The contents claimed on the label of products were actually not found in them. The agency even accused companies for using low quality fillers to make supplementary pills.

The move will certainly put pressure on various other companies dealing in health supplements to ensure the quality of their products. The decision to check for labeling frauds was taken when an article published in 2013 highlighted such incidents. It the third such agreement settled by Attorney General’s office.

NBTY offers a wide variety of nutritional products ranging from vitamins, food replacements, herbal supplements, protein bars and others. This most dominant herbal supplement company headquartered in Ronkonkoma, New York is owned by The Carlyle Group, worlds leading private industry group.

The Attorney General Office confirmed that the company used the traditional screening methods to test their products as The Food and Drug Administration requires. NBTY’s general counsel too asserted that the company has already passed the federal standard industry tests and the decision to go for genetic screening is to ensure good health of their customers.

The advanced DNA testing is known to identify plants and other organisms by their fingerprints, it is said to be the best method to detect any type of contamination in the products.