Native American Tribes In California Cut Ties To State Regulated Pot Industry

Native American Tribes

Many Native-American tribes in California have decided to cut ties to the legalized marijuana industry in that state. Even though legalized recreational marijuana has only existed in California for approximately two months, there are already problems with the way that it is set up say the tribes. They want to go their own way outside of the state regulated system and create their own marijuana industry within the tribe.

The Native-American tribes have reviewed the language of the state regulated system and have decided that it takes away some of their rights to self governance says ABC News. They want to maintain their ability to decide their own affairs as much as possible, so they are rejected the structure set up by the state of California in favor of going their own way with things.

There are complicated issues as it relates to how much authority the tribes really do have over running their own affairs. They have been told in the past that if they are to participate in the state system, then they must agree to give up their rights to govern themselves as it relates to the issue of marijuana. The tribes simply could not get behind this idea. They believe that it would be a step that is way too dangerously close to allowing the state government to take over even more control from them in the future. Since no tribe wants to deal with that, do not expect them to change their minds on any of this anytime soon.

This all adds yet another layer to what was already a complicated issue in a lot of ways. That is the cross section between state, local, federal, and tribal laws. Which laws reign supreme? That is something that has often been challenged in the courts to begin with. This latest contention makes it all the more likely to be brought up as an issue yet again in the not so distant future.

The state issues licenses to those businesses that participate in the legal marijuana business in the state currently. There are also tight regulations and taxation of the plant as well. This could all change quickly if the tribes decide that they would like to have their own shot and deciding how they personally want to be involved with the industry as well. Expect them to not take this lying down. They will fight back, and they just might have the willpower to make their own rules.