Market America Convention 2017 : 25 Years of Entrepreneurship

“When are you going to get off the treadmill and do something?” Market America CEO JR Ridinger asked the crowd during his closing speech of the Market America Convention 2017. Beside him on stage loomed a gravestone prop inscribed “Joe Nobody”. When they close the casket, he relayed to the crowd, everyone’s going to go about their usual business. What you do now is what matters.


The Market America Convention 2017 happened in August this year at the beautiful Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina. With this being the 25th year of Market America, it’s very symbolic that Greensboro was the host city for the event. After all, it’s where it all began. JR Ridinger and his wife Loren started building the multi-million dollar Market America empire from their garage in Greensboro. It seemed only fitting that they greeted the cheers of over twenty-three thousand entrepreneurs and celebrities attending the Market America Convention 2017 in the same town where it was born and is now headquartered. The three-day event was packed full of tools, tips, and information to help entrepreneurs get ahead through their UnFranchise business, Shopping Annuity, and life.


There were some tremendous special guests who came out to personally and professionally support the Ridingers and Market America. Jamie Foxx came up on stage to relate to the crowd that the Ridingers had done so much for him as his friends. Fat Joe gave a heartfelt message about trying times, and believing when you feel like you can’t. He also poignantly said “If you do not fight and you lay down, you will be unhappy with the rest of your life.” This mirrors the Market America principles that the power of purchase and earning should be in the hands of the consumer. If you take an active role in your life, you’re working for your success and your happiness.


Loren Ridinger’s speech “You’re Not That Busy” drove home the fact that nobody’s too busy to prioritize their time. She pointed to the million dollar earners in the Market America Convention 2017 crowd and said that they worked for it. “Excuses are simply excuses, and they protect your ego so you don’t have to try”, Ridinger put it. Oftentimes, she said, we work for someone we don’t even like. We enter robot-mode at work to be able to provide for the people we love. We listen to those negative people in our circle of friends and family who tell us we can’t achieve our goals. To grow, Ridinger reinforced, “You speak above it, you build yourself up.” When we don’t prioritize our time and we continue to work an uninspired nine-to-five, we’re not living. When we speak above it and we work from a place of passion instead of money, we drive that momentum forward.


“If you want to be comfortable, you don’t have to do a thing, you can just stay right where you’re at” she said. She paused and repeated the second part of it for impact. To grow, you will feel some discomfort. You must be uncomfortable to create some real change in your life. But you have to know the why. Why do you want what you want? Why do you want to be the most successful UnFranchise owner, she posed to the crowd. After this, she added on, “He who has a why can endure any how.” The why gets you out of bed in the morning. With a why, Ridinger says, you don’t even need an alarm clock. Your reason why gets you to that place where you’re living intentional. You’re waking up everyday and meaningfully working for something. Ridinger posed some questions to help people in the audience get to their reason why. Where do you add the greatest value? What makes you come alive? What are the things you love doing?


Marc Ashley, the President and COO of Market America, came onstage later on during the event. He announced the new Assistant, powered by Alexa. Simply by speaking to the device, you can place an order for any Market America product. Ashley also relayed the news that hit the 32 million mark for awarding cashback on the site. Programs like credit cards and home insurance were also revealed, which further give the power back to the consumer.


Importantly, especially in connection with the theme of the 25th anniversary of Market America, Ashley connected the future of the company with the past. He gave Market America Convention 2017 attendees the strong message that is now worth over 75 million dollars. With this in mind, he drove home the fact that all success stories have a beginning, and especially a vision. Ashley showed the crowd a June 17, 1984 newspaper article in which JR Ridinger was already talking about the future of shopping through online stores and online marketing. The vision holds true of the future that was then considered rather outlandish or hard to imagine. The point ties in neatly with Loren Ridinger’s advice to stop listening to people who don’t believe in you and who don’t want to see you succeed. If JR Ridinger had listened to those people and taken their words to heart, there would be no Market America.


On top of the valuable training, Market America Convention 2017 attendees were the first to be introduced to new products. These products were added as part of the following existing lines: Motives by Loren Ridinger, Isotonix, TLS Weight Loss Solution, and DNA Miracles. There was also the exciting announcement of a new line of essential oils by Royal Spa. These forward-thinking essential oil blends aim to help people combat stress, and balance out their daily lives with tranquility. Again, the values of personal care and commitment reflect in the Market America products.


One of the fundamental pillars to success as a Market America UnFranchise owner is consistent attendance of Market America gatherings. Ivy Toy, an UnFranchise owner said that “It’s the best thing an UnFranchise owner can do for his/her business! It’s like a year’s worth of training in 3 days.” Going to the event itself provides UnFranchise owners the energy and training they need to continue on their path of success. Rich Ellis sees Market America Convention 2017 and the other year-round gatherings in a powerful light, “The major events are a rebirth for me.” Nothing can replace the potency felt from surrounding yourself with hundreds of thousands of individuals who likewise don’t want to be a Joe Nobody. For entrepreneurs and stars in attendance, the Market America Convention 2017 symbolized 25 years of achievement, and forged a strong voice for the coming 25 years.