Lyft announces new multi-stop feature

Lyft announces new multi-stop feature

In an announcement made on Monday, August 8, ride-sharing service Lyft said that it is adding a new multi-stop feature to its app, to give users the ability to request multiple stops during their trips.

The introduction of the new multi-stop feature marks a notable move by Lyft because it would give the users the flexibility to stop along their Lyft ride. The new feature will enable Lyft users to pick up or drop off a friend from their house, or stop for cup of coffee or a bottle of wine while on the way to their destination.

In addition, the multi-stop feature will also allow people -- especially those who live in cities but do not own a car -- to hail a Lyft vehicle for getting to and from locations doing their errands, like picking up their dry cleaning while returning home. The feature will also allow friends to share a Lyft ride and split the cost.

Lyft users who want to avail the new multi-stop feature will have to inform their driver beforehand that they will have to make two stops during their ride.

For requesting a Lyft ride which will make two stops, Lyft users have to select a Lyft, Plus or Premier car and enter in their pickup location. Thereafter, they have to enter in the first drop-off location, and then add the second drop-off location by tapping on the 'plus' sign icon.