Los Angeles Wins Bid for 2028 Olympics

2028 Olympics

Californian residents hoping the state would once again play host to the Summer Olympics have had their wish granted, albeit four years after the proposed date. The LA24 Exploratory Committee announced that, while the city did not secure the 2024 games, which went to Paris, their bid to host the 2028 Summer Olympics was officially accepted by International Olympic Committee (IOC). This marks the third time Los Angeles was chosen.

The deal was struck after after a tense bid war between Paris and L.A. for the coveted host city honor. The two cities were the final competitors for the contract, beating out Rome, Hamburg, and Budapest. While Parisian officials refused to budge, the LA24 Exploratory Committee their willingness to represent the 2028 games instead, which finally broke the stalemate. The official awarding of hosting duties will take place on September 13, 2017 at the 131st IOC Session, scheduled to take place in Lima, Peru.

Los Angeles' somewhat complicated history with the Olympics began in 1932, a markedly subdued year for the event. No other cities offered to host the games, so L.A. took the honor by default. With global economic depression limiting many nations' capacity to send athletes, the event was poorly attended, with even sitting President Herbert Hoover declining to attend. The 1932 Games still had plenty of historical moments, being the first games to use the iconic victory podium, as well as the first time an official Olympic Village was built.

The city's next chance came with the 1984 Summer games. Once again, international interest in hosting the event was practically non-existent, with Tehran the only notable competitor for hosting privileges. That said, the 1984 games were memorable in their own right, as it was here that track and field legend Carl Lewis made his first Olympic appearance.

The bid to host the games is not without opposition, despite the massive potential gains from tourism. A group calling themselves "Nolympics" have been outspoken in their opposition to hosting since the beginning of the LA24 committee's campaign. The opposition group's platform is a confused mix of varying political ideals, with the group citing everything from commercialization to unspecified "police crackdowns" as cause for concern. This fringe group aside, the rest of Los Angeles is excited to be honored once again with hosting duties, and the 2028 deadline leaves plenty of time for California to procure and implement the necessary resources for a memorable Olympics.