The Los Angeles Marathon Attracts International Participation

Los Angeles Marathon

Over the weekend, the 33rd Annual Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon enabled athletes from California and around the world to test their running times in a large organized race. This year's event occurred on Sunday, March 18, 2018. The winner from a previous year, Weldon Kirui of Kenya, finished the men's race first again in 2018. Video cameras recorded his passage across the finish line with a score of 2:11:47. Ethiopian Sule Utura Gedo won the woman's race this year in two hours, 33 minutes and 52 seconds.

A Talented Athlete From Kenya

Weldon Kirui won his first title in the LA Marathon event in 2016. After failing to reprise his victory during 2017, he succeeded in 2018. This year's route extended for 26.2 miles. The marathon, attended by thousands of runners, began at Dodger's Stadium on Sunday morning. It ended at Santa Monica pier.

Weldon Kirui flew to Los Angeles from Kenya to participate in this year's event. The winner last year, Elisha Barno, also came from Kenya to attend the event. Elisha Barno participated again in the marathon this year and crossed the finish line in third place, just one minute behind Gebresdik Adihana of Ethiopia, the men's second place winner.

Marathon History

The Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon began in 1984. Many of the participants run along the course on behalf of charities. Open to both professional and amateur runners, the race has allowed Los Angeles to join the ranks of major U.S. cities which conduct well attended annual marathon races.

The marathon website explains its sponsors briefly changed the date of the race from a Sunday in March to Memorial Day in 2009 due to complaints received from some local churches that the event created disruptions for congregations located along the route. Road closures made it difficult for people to attend religious services. However, the 2009 change resulted in a significant revenue decrease, so the event resumed in March the following year. Instead of proceeding entirely through Los Angeles, the race now begins at the stadium and continues largely outside the city limits. Most road closures on Sunday occur in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, and Santa Monica.