Los Angeles Beauty Expert, Doe Deere, Tells us her Morning Ritual

by Haley Rothwell / Aug 29, 2017 / 0 comments

A painter creates a work of art on a well-prepared canvas and applies a foundation that allows it to receive the colors of a complementary palette. Similarly, a beauty routine that includes cleanliness, preparation and application of color on a face produces magnificent results. Doe Deere elevates the process to a fine art. To prepare for the next day with dry hair that is ready for styling, she prefers to shower late in the evening. The shiny waves that are her signature look come from her curling wand, and she enjoys wearing her hair down so that everyone can see her purple color.


Resting and Starting a Day

To translate the creative work of an artist into a beauty regimen that works for her, Deere gives the importance of getting adequate rest a position that is high on her list of priorities. She prefers to sleep for nine hours every night, and she gives it credit for her clear skin. As a “morning person,” Deere enjoys waking up at 8:30, having breakfast in her kitchen and looking out the window. While she gathers her thoughts, she drinks a full glass of water as the first of many that help her stay hydrated all day.


Exercising and Eating for Health

Deere readily admits that she is no one’s idea of an athlete, but stretching helps her back feel “nice and loose.” By getting down on hands and knees on a yoga mat, she can do the “camel” pose that arches her back upward and the “cat” that reverses the motion. Both exercises help to increase the flexibility of her spine.


After a 15-minute exercise routine that she repeats several times throughout the day, she prepares a healthy breakfast of grits, her favorite hot cereal. With a piece of fruit, fresh orange juice from trees that grow in her California backyard and a serving of yogurt, she is ready to start her workday.


Benefiting from an Organized Lifestyle

With a desire to stay in touch with her team through an internal company chat application, she can learn about activities at her office first thing in the morning on her phone that “runs my life,” she said. Her Instagram account stays open all day, and she is careful to reply to the emails that she receives even if she saves them for the afternoon.


She tries to focus her morning hours on creativity that usually produce ideas for new products instead of letting digital information occupy her attention. In her creative time at home before she goes to the office around noon, Deere enjoys spending time with Chester von Battingham and Puffy Fluffles, her two Persian cats. As any cat lover can appreciate, she treats them like kings and loves to kiss them, pet them and tell them of her love.


Soon after arriving at her office, she has lunch and socializes with her team to prepare for the meetings that she needs to attend throughout her business day. Her obligations usually end around 6 p.m., but she can remain at work until midnight if she is “really on a roll.”


Creating a Makeup Masterpiece

As a beauty icon, she appreciates the respect that her admirers generously provide, and she accepts a responsibility to preserve her reputation. She likes to set the stage for preparing her makeup routine by listening to her favorite music which comes from recordings by The Beatles. Her childhood memories of hearing Abbey Road on vinyl records takes her down memory lane, a trip that she enjoys. She treasures the part of the morning when she puts on makeup because it is the time that she gets to spend with herself and experience a sense of freedom.


  • Face Wash

The first product that Doe uses in her makeup routine is Glossier face wash. With a mild cleaning action and an aroma that reminds her of the roses that she loves, she prepares her face for the next step.


  • Moisturizer

To make sure that she gets proper hydration that nourishes her delicate facial tissue, she chooses Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence by Murad.


  • Foundation

Moving to the next stage, she likes True Match Foundation by L’Oreal or MAC’s Studio Fix. For the look that she wants during the day, she prefers to “mattify” her face with the L’Oreal product, but she loves MAC when she prepares to go out for an evening. Soon she is going to prefer a product that she plans to bring to the Lime Crime cosmetic line.


  • Setting

Deere sets her makeup with powder before she starts to fill in her eyebrows or apply color to her lips or cheeks.


  • Blush and Lipstick

Putting on lipstick and blush are her favorite things to do in her makeup routine because they bring her face “to life.” To get the perfect tones that complement her complexion, she likes a bold pink or red color on her lips, and a blush in the same colors completes her look.


Choosing Favorites in the Lime Crime Collection

When time allows, she can spend up to an hour in her makeup routine if she needs to look “extra spectacular” or shorten it to 15 minutes when she is in a rush. Her favorite “go-to” products in the Lime Crime Matte Velvetine range include the Pink Velvet, Red Velvet and Rustic.


Understanding the Mission of Lime Crime

As a cult favorite, Lime Crime sets trends in the digital and social space while keeping performance and quality at the highest levels. The company’s trail-blazing beginnings offer everyone a right to unapologetic self-expression by “shaking things up” with the must-have blue Unicorn lipstick. Every Lime Crime product has the certification by PETA and Leaping Bunny as vegan and cruelty-free. The company takes pride in creating products for the most discerning consumer.

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