Lime Crime's New Colors Will Make Your Lips Shine Bright Like a Diamond

This "ain't" your mama's lip topper. Lime Crime cosmetics creates some of the most beauty-forward makeup innovations around, and the brand's Diamond Crushers are a glittery, glamorous treat for the lips.

Lime Crime is all about modern makeup with intense pigments, unique textures and the kinds of trends women are looking for when defining individual beauty.

The Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers feature a collection of sexy lipstick game-changers. Just swipe the wand, and watch out! The effect is really like a mouth lined with crushed sparkling diamonds, and the colors are beyond gorgeous. Your lips are on parade.

Diamond Crushers aren't heavy to wear on the lips or sticky or uncomfortable. Instead, these pretty lip toppers adorn a smile with their special, weightless water-based formula. The topper goes on matte and dries to the perfect, smudge-proof, amazing finish. You can wear a topper by itself or over matte lipstick, and it doesn't run. The formula is awesome and stays put for hours. Some girls like to apply the lip toppers on the cheeks as an effective highlighter, and some dab it along the decollete or collarbone for added allure. When the light hits, it's mesmerizing.

Lime Crime makeup is known for its luxe lipsticks and eyeshadows available in shades that go far beyond the rainbow. Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers feature some 20 different iridescent colors like sunset orange, mint green, delirium purple, chill mauve, ruby pink, maroon/blue duo-chrome and rose gold on acid.

CEO and founder Doe Deere says that her Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers allow the wearer to "sparkle like a fairy on acid." Another added bonus is the scent these lip toppers offer; they smell like fresh strawberries.

That's the effect Doe Deere wants her makeup to embrace; it's fun, sexy, fantastical, naughty and modern. This makeup breaks the beauty rules, and that is why the cosmetics e-commerce brand has built a global following. It is not like traditional makeup where beige palettes and classic colors define an old, safe standard. There is zero CoverGirl or Revlon about her brand, and that's okay. Doe Deere launched a different makeup company to offer people another option. The concept took off, and Doe Deere has never looked back. Her brand has also recently collaborated with the popular Revolve fashion online brand in an e-commerce launch in China.

Doe Deere's cosmetics label features bold, empowering makeup that turns heads. Iridescent lip toppers are hip, of the moment and go beautifully with today's fashion and hair trends. She believes that makeup is like an accessory and gives power to the woman or man who puts it on.

Doe Deere's About Me page on her shopping website sums it up this way:

"I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!"

The beauty maven debuted her makeup brand in 2008 because she had trouble finding fun, vibrant cosmetics to wear. She was artistic, creative and knew enough about makeup to seriously consider opening her own company. Doe Deere was living in New York City at the time, had some business experience under her belt and dove in. She had found a deficit in the cosmetics industry, so she established her company because there was a need for individuality and change. Makeup should evolve along with attitude and beauty ideals, and Doe Deere was cutting a new beauty path of her own.

Doe Deere is proud that her brand is both vegan and cruelty-free. The company headquarters are based in Los Angeles. Doe Deere and her makeup company enjoy a powerful presence across social media. It's brand-building at its finest.

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