LG’s Watch Style smartwatch’s specs & price leaked

LG’s Watch Style smartwatch’s specs & price leaked

Well-known leaker Evan Blass has shared some images of LG’s Google-blessed Watch Style smartwatch, which is being considered as a budget model of the two upcoming devices that the electronics giant is expected to launch in early February.

The leaked images showed the Android Wear 2.0 watch with an eye-catching look. It has a subtle bezel (the images showed silver and rose-gold) and matching, removable leather straps. The leather straps are even relatively thin, though that may partly be a trick of the eye.

The LG Watch Style smartwatch will feature a 1.2-inch 360 by 360-pixel display, 512 MB of RAM, and a 240mAh battery.

While the new device may be quite god-looking, it will likely not be meant for athletes as it has no heart rate monitor. The omission of the heart rate monitor was quite anticipated.

According to some other reports, LG will try to steer customers toward its higher-end Watch Sport, which will have heart rate monitor in addition to GPS and cellular data to allow users to measure their beats per minute.

LG has yet to release details about Android-based Watch Style smartwatch, but anonymous sources have suggested that the new device will hit the market with a price tag starting at $249.