Human Activity is Leaving Pervasive and Persistent Signature on Earth

Human Activity is Leaving Pervasive and Persistent Signature on Earth

With the gradual increase in the field of science and technology, new industries are being set up that contribute a lot in causing greenhouse effect. Burning of wood, coal, charcoal and other fossil fuels has become common practice by people all over the world. But, the new report states that now the time has come to declare that the progress of human technologies has led to the introduction of new geological era, the Anthropocene Epoch.

In an article published in Science on Thursday, a group of scientists add to recent arguments that human’s technological progress has led to the end of the Holocene Epoch, which began about 12,000 years ago with the ascent of humans. During the Holocene transition, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere increased by roughly one part per million per century.

The study highlights the fact that the unprecedented combinations of plastics, fly ash, radionuclides, metals, pesticides and reactive nitrogen has led to the deposition of sedimentary layers in glaciers, lake beds and other stratigraphic records. “The appearance of manufactured materials in sediments, including aluminum, plastics, and concrete, coincides with global spikes in fallout radionuclides and particulates from fossil fuel combustion”.

According to sources, these accumulations of sedimentary layers over time have hardened into strata. Geologist Jan Zalasiewicz, of Leicester University, said the real geological phenomenon is taking place at every second. It is accelerating even as we speak and this Anthropocene is sharp and shows all the signs as big.

Recently, geologists have found huge increase in the CO2 levels with by two ppm per year and instead of slowing returning to an Ice Age, the world is becoming much warmer with increase in melting of ice. About 24 members of the working group, including Zalasiewicz, have just published their compilation of the gathering evidence in the January 8 Science, which states that human activity is leaving a pervasive and persistent signature on Earth.