HTC Vive international prices will carry a premium over US cost

HTC Vive international prices will carry a premium over US cost

With Taiwanese device maker scheduled to open pre-orders for its Vive virtual reality (VR) headset on February 29, at 10AM ET, the pricing details of the device in different regions of the world have been recently divulged by the company. The Vive will start shipping in April.

HTC had revealed in a last-week announcement that the Vive VR headset will cost $799 in the US. Now, with the pricing details of the headset in other countries also having been disclosed, it is evident that customers in regions outside the US will have to pay a premium price to purchase the headset. The reason for the price discrepancy is that the US price of Vive does not factor in sales tax, and that the US dollar has a strong exchange rate.

Specifically, the cost of the Vive VR headset in the UK will be £689, or approximately US$956; and the cost of the device in most of the other European markets will be €899, or nearly US$983.

In Canada, the HTC Vive VR headset will be priced at CAD$1,149; while, in Japan, the device will cost ¥111,999 (more than US $980). The cost of the Vive in China will be ¥6,888, which is equivalent to a hefty US1,053. In Australia, the price of Vive will be around US$899.

The prices of HTC Vive VR headset in some of the other countries, including the manufacturer’s domestic market Taiwan, as well as in New Zealand are also now available on the official HTC blog.