Head to MIT's Flea Marketto GetGadgets You Can't Find in Stores

Head to MIT's Flea Marketto GetGadgets You Can't Find in Stores

If you want to buy some gadgets that are not available in market, you must visit high-tech flea marketof the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Here, you could find people looking for antique radio equipments,cannon-sized telescope or parts for robots.

The place, called Swapfest, is among favorites of those amateur radio enthusiasts who are looking for something new and extraordinary to add in their collections. Many come to market just to check what’s happening in science sector.

Idea to start such a flea market popped three decades ago to raise funds for MIT student radio clubs. Today, it still helps the students, but its size has become bigger. Several people come to attend it and sell their inventions.

MIT alumnus and longtime organizer of the market,Steve Finberg, said it’s an amazing place to look for some extraordinary equipment. An interesting thing about theflea is that here’s many things that an enthusiast wants to buy, but don’t know how to use them, Finberg added.

Although several high-tech flea markets are organized in New England every year, MIT’s event has a special place in enthusiasts’ heart. Some believe it is because of its organizers, its long history andthe location where it is organized.

Finberg said the event has a special reputation because of Boston’s high-tech community.“People will bring surplus runs from production at some facility which dumped a project, and you'll find resistors that cost big bucks being sold for a dime apiece”, Finberg added.

Sellers in the event are of both kinds: Professionals and amateurs.Professionals are there for a living, whileamateurs are to show their creativity, or to sell things that they previously had in their garage.