Gun Rights Supports Raised Voice against Obama Claiming Restrictions Won’t Work if No Death can be Prevented

Gun Rights Supports Raised Voice against Obama Claiming Restrictions Won’t Work if No Death can be Prevented

During the Thursday meeting with President Barrack Obama, gun rights supports shared their views claiming that restrictions won’t work if every death won’t be prevented. At the twon hall event, President Barack Obama addressed questions from gun rights supporters disputing critics who suggest gun control laws are not worthwhile because they won't prevent every death. Taya Kyle, widow of U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, was the first to address the president. Taya Kyle said that criminals have no moral code so instead of focusing on keeping the guns away why not focus on the progress we've made. She questioned the ability of a piece of legislation or an executive order to deter those with malicious intent and said that it would be better to focus on the positive changes throughout the country.

Kayle added that according to her no improvements have been made by following the background check law and she does not think that any attacker has been stopped through it. She said that implementing background checks won’t stop anyone from committing crime nor influence her to stop buying a firearm. She went on to say that support for gun ownership in America is at an all-time high as rates of violent crime and murder have declined in past few years. Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu, who announced his campaign for Congress last year, was the next person to raise his voice against the president.

He said that if the earlier existing laws don't always prevent weapons from getting into the wrong hands then what is the use of implementing new laws? Babeu's sentiments were echoed by Chris Jacob, the vice president of the American Firearms Retailers Association, who said that if we enforce the earlier existing laws then the country will be better served. In response t statement from Kayle, the president acknowledged that increased enforcement of gun laws will not necessarily keep criminals from getting guns, but at the very least will make them harder to obtain.

Obama spoke on his new proposals during a press conference at the White House on Tuesday, at which he teared up thinking of the 5-year-old and 6-year-old victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting. Obama emphasized that he's pursuing gun control methods through executive action because of inaction from Congress.