Google introduces new APIs to help streamline workflows

Google introduces new APIs to help streamline workflows

At its I/O developer conference Wednesday, Google announced that it is rolling out a series of new APIs to enable users to enhance the productivity of users by helping them streamline workflows.

The introduction of the new APIs by Google is a part of the company's ongoing efforts to give a boost to its enterprise business.

The new APIs which Google is introducing include a Sheets API, a Slides API, and a Classroom API. The new APIs are already being used by a number of Google partners, including Salesforce, SAP Anywhere, Prosperworks and Trello.

According to the details shared by Google, the new Sheets API allows developers to push data from their app to Sheets, so as to pull back the updated data into the app in real time. The Slides API enables developers to export business data; while the Classroom API gives developers the ability to sync grades and assignment data between apps and Classroom.

In reference to the rollout of the new APIs by Google, Ritcha Ranjan -- a product manager on the Google Apps team -- said that, in typical workflows, multiple apps have to be stitched together with functions like pasting and copying.

Highlighting the fact that the new APIs are aimed at helping users become more productive, Ranjan said during an interaction with reporters: "We saw that as an opportunity where Google Apps could come in and really make a concrete difference for users."