Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg's JustFab Teams Up With Betches For New Fashion Line

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg for JustFab

Don Ressler's fashion line JustFab, and Betches, recently announced their partnership that will take fashion to new heights. The two companies said that they were working on several clothing collections designed by Betches, and they will incorporate content inspired by JustFab. The collaborative clothing line was launched in 2017 and is already succeeding. There are 11 special units in the collection, which includes graphic tees with catchy sayings printed on them. Also, there are coordinating tote bags and tumblers. Every item in the new line sells for under $25, and interested customers can purchase these trendy products on the JustFab site. JustFab's chief marketing officer said that the new partnership has boosted business for both companies, and they may continue their strategic relationship. Since Betches is known for humor and JustFab is known for cutting-edge fashion trends, the duo is likely to remain successful.

About Betches

Betches is based in New York and targets millennial buyers with its tart sarcastic themes and entertaining sayings. The company was founded in 2011 and has since published two books. Also, the company developed its own e-commerce platform called Shop Betches. From candles and bedding to totes and sweaters, Betches offers a variety of products. It is also known for its unique and sassy "Betchelorette" merchandise for bachelorette parties. Most of the Betches customers were located on the East Coast or the West Coast before the company's partnership with JustFab. However, it has now expanded across the nation. Also, the recent partnership highlighted the Betches social media pages to increase its follower base.

About JustFab

JustFab is an innovative online shopping platform that prides itself in creating a unique experience. The company is based in Los Angeles and was founded in 2010. Shoppers join the JustFab family instead of just scrolling through pages of merchandise listings. They enter information about their style preferences and size, and they are shown personalized suggestions of items that are picked by celebrity stylists based on their answers. Members receive emails each month with new picks that meet their preferences, and they have the option to order the suggestions or skip them. Since the company operates online, it prides itself in offering lower prices than storefronts and malls. The company works only with manufacturers, trendsetters, stylists and fashion experts. Another benefit offered by the company is free shipping and returns. The JustFab platform simplifies shopping and has gained thousands of new members each month because of its time-saving abilities and accurate suggestions.

About Co-Founders Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the masterminds behind JustFab, and they worked with Kate Hudson to develop the Fabletics athletic clothing line. The two men met through Intermix Media. Adam had dropped out of high school after starting his own successful advertising site for gaming companies, which he later sold to Intermix Media. Don ran a fitness-inspired website that he sold to Intermix Media. His site helped a variety of companies raise money to get started, and many of the businesses were fashion stores. This was when he first started thinking about putting innovation into fashion. When Adam and Don's paths crossed, their friendship led to several joint business ventures.

The two men set out to change online clothing shopping by addressing common pain points and trends. They realized that finding the latest trends was difficult, and few people had the time to spend sifting through stores or online sites to find what they wanted even if sites offered search and filter features. With the idea of helping customers find exactly what they wanted quickly, Adam and Don developed a platform that used suggestions based on several criteria. It matched people to favorable clothing and shoe styles based on their style preferences.

Adam and Don's idea led to TechStyle, which was a specialized styling service. It was a big success, and JustFab evolved from it. Customers especially liked JustFab because of the expert stylist picks. Adam and Don helped the brand grow by offering excellent promotional deals, and they retained members by providing accurate suggestions. Both men are good examples of marketing success. By strategically placing ads on popular social media platforms, they gained a larger following. Also, the ads for JustFab and Fabletics feature ordinary women of all sizes and backgrounds. They did this because they believe that personalized styling is for everyone and not just celebrities or supermodels. By bringing the hottest trends directly to consumers who lack the time or funds to shop in department stores, they changed the world of fashion marketing forever.