Dentist strangles his 67, old mother to death.

A dentist from California has been accused of strangling his mother who is 67 years old to death in her home in Beverly Hills. The dentist to the stars who is known as Daniel Yacobi lives in Bel-Air but also possesses several other offices in different locations. The dentist was apprehended at the beginning of this week in the October. Yacobi was arraigned in court where he did not plead guilty as charged to the murder charges. The investigators believe that Daniel would have killed his mum for personal reasons like financial gain. Daniel Yacobi, 36, was with the victim’s daughter when they went to visit Violet Yacobi to see how she was faring. A moment after Violet called 911 explaining that she was not breathing normally and she was feeling so weak. When the police together with the paramedics arrived at the scene Violet had already died.

A post-mortem was conducted on the old ladies corpse at the coroner’s office where the cause of death was detected to be strangling. According to investigators, Violet would have died a day before she called 911 on October 10th. The police believe that Daniel killed his mother so that he could be financially wealthy. Lieutenant Elisabeth Albanese reported that if it’s proven that Daniel did so to get money, it would be the saddest thing a child can do to his parent.

Last month Daniel had posted on his Facebook account saying that not a single day passes without him, thinking of his mother. He continued to write that his mum was the greatest gift he ever had, she was an amazing soul and all she ever wanted was to see her kids happy and contented. She would have gone an extra mile to see her kids smile and around her at all times. Her companionship was loving and everyone who happened to be in her presence felt joyous and comfortable. The police noted that Daniel’s post was written on the day that was his mother’s 68th birthday, January 8th.

Daniel was a star well known by celebrities like Alfonso Ribeiro. The celebrity starred on one famous TV series known as “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. There was even a photo that Daniel posted of him together with Alfonso on his Facebook account last year. Currently, Daniel is being held by the police without a bail. The prosecutors have not yet decided whether they will consider a death penalty. The police gave the public a police department number that they can use to call in case anyone had any information about Violet Yacobi.