Concord Okays Robot-Based Delivery Service

The London-based company that created Skype, Starship Technologies, has unveiled a new technology and it has gotten approval for testing in Concord, CA. Residents of the South Bay town now have a new way to get delivery, robots.

These robots were first introduced by the company recently as they pitched the idea for use in the area to city leaders. After some deliberation, the Concord City Council came to terms with Starship to allow the robots to be used for delivery in the area for one year. There was one member of the council that sat out the vote because they had a family member who works for the company. This is considered a conflict of interest in most situations.

These robots, referred to by the company as personal delivery devices, will mostly be tasked with delivering groceries around the city of Concord. As far as storage, they can easily transport 50 lbs of product. The one drawback to the devices is that move at a speed of just four miles per hour. Concord is the fourth city to institute the delivery service vehicles, following the lead of San Francisco, Redwood City, and Sunnyvale. It is also used in Washington D.C.

The Starship robots make delivery from popular online retailers like GrubHub, Yelp, and others easy because of their already existing partnership with the companies. The cameras are fully outfitted with nine cameras to deter theft of their contents while they are delivering. It also has a security system that will send an alert to the human responsible for it if it senses a problem. Overall, there have not been many issues with them so far.

If you are a resident of Concord, California, you may soon see one of these devices bringing you your groceries. Don't expect it every time though. The company is putting just twelve of them into action upon the initial rollout of the fledgling program.