Chris Brown Throws Shade At Pres. Trump Over Cop Handling Of Thugs


He's been busted a few times on a variety of crimes, so singer Chris Brown did not take too lightly the recent comments Donald Trump made during a speech in Suffolk County, N.Y. to a group of law enforcement officers.

President Trump's controversial words drew fire across social media, and Brown blasted him as "crazzy," reports the LosAngelesDailyNews. Brown's shade has ignited the internet, and a storm of verbal bashing against Trump continues.

The president appeared to condone the rougher treatment of suspects in custody, namely when police officers protect an arrested party's head as they place them in the car, so a suspect does not bump his or her head on the door.

President Trump remarked that it is not necessary for officers to use their hand to protect, advising them not to "be so nice" to an alleged thug.

When Trump's audience heard the remarks, they applauded and some laughed. Many departments, however, have since responded, saying that roughing up suspects is wrong and not the way a good police force does business.

Brown attacked the president at his Instagram page, implying that Trump was encouraging police brutality and a racist attitude towards young black men. Brown's blasting of Trump was full of expletives and spelled out in bold capital letters. The singer accused the president of not knowing how to create a peaceful nation, and many of his 39 million Instagram followers seem to agree.

Trump had made the divisive speech to bring attention to the White House's determination to dissolve the brutal street gang called MS-13 from the United States. The group has been wreaking havoc across Long Island, not far from where President Trump grew up. "Vicious, disgusting and horrible" is how the president describes the violent gang.

Recruitment of MS-13 has gone up in the last two years and originated from the Los Angeles area during the 1980s. More than 20 murders have been committed by MS-13 gang members on Long Island in the last two years, according to the FBI.

Meantime, Chris Brown is a convicted felon, and in 2009, he served five years probation and was ordered to spend more than 1,400 hours in "labor-oriented service" for physically assaulting his then pop star girlfriend, Rihanna.