Californians Try To Save Coyote With Head Stuck In Jar

Sierra Wildlife Rescue

Several residents in California attempted to save a Coyote that had a jar on its head. The animal had been spotted for several days with the jar on its head. Unfortunately, no one has been able to catch the coyote so far. People think that the coyote got the jar stuck on its head when it attempted to eat or drink something.

Bob Campbell is a volunteer who works for the Sierra Wildlife Rescue. He stated that this is a strange thing that happened to the coyote. He also stated that the coyote likely does not know what is going on and is scared.

According to KOVR, the coyote has been seen several times over the past couple of days. Sallysue Stein is one of the people who has spotted the coyote. She is a member of the Gold Country Wildlife Rescue. She stated that here and her fellow club members have made several attempts to rescue the coyote. They have used poles, a net glove and Kevlar gloves, but nothing they have tried has worked.

Caitlin Riley is another person who managed to get a look at the coyote before it ran away. She fears that if someone does not take the jar off of the coyote's head quickly, then it will not live much longer. According to Caitlin, the coyote is weak and thin. It can barely get around. It takes a few steps and then lies down. The jar has made it impossible for the coyote to eat and drink properly.

The jar is also making it difficult for the coyote to see and hear. The sooner someone is able to rescue it, the better its chances of survival will be. Gold Country Wildlife Rescue plans to keep trying until they are able to save the coyote.