Californians Tell Secessionists To Forget About It

A movement on the part of California secessionists has progressed to the point that a proposed map showing a new map for the state has been revealed. In the musings of these secessionists old California would include the counties of Sacramento, Sonoma, Napa and Sonoma then extend south to the San Francisco Bay Area and continue down the coast to contain the Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura areas.

New California would consist of the remaining 43 counties in the state.

The ‘New California Movement’ informs the public via its official website that it has offices in Fresno, Yuba City and the city of Orange and is seeking a divorce from a state that the group says have become ‘ungovernable’ for a variety of reasons.

The attempt at a divorce from Old California was filed in a Marysville, California court on January 15 and those on the ‘rebel’ side have even drawn up a declaration of independence. A grievance from secessionist was read publicly in the counties of Sutter and Contra Costa. The writing of 40 additional grievances is said to be planned by the group.

At the heart of the secessionist movement seems to be negative sentiments concerning immigrants to the country. The grievance that was read alludes to what the group characterizes as an unsafe atmosphere created for legal citizens of the state of California at the hands of undocumented immigrants from other countries.

Xavier Becerra, Attorney General for the state of California speaks in direct opposition to the mission of the secessionist movement. Becerra was clear on his stance in a recent interview stating that California is and will continue to be a leader for the United States.

The sentiments of Becerra seem to be in line with the opinion of most Californians who seem to take the stance that the secession talks are for the most part nonsense that they could do without.

Becerra elaborated on his point by stating that California alone would be the sixth strongest economic power on the globe and is the economic engine for the rest of the country. Becerra went on to say that the United States needs California just as much as California depends on being a part of the country.

Becerra finished by saying that California in no way interested in becoming a separate entity from the United States of America.